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Slots provide gas and water dissipationSlots help to increase pad bite and improve air circulationDrilled Holes and Slots create an escape route for debris, dust, gases, and waterSlots clean and de-gl...

  • Bucket capacity: 0.025m³
  • Working device: backhoe
  • Track length: 1235mm
  • Ground clearance: 380mm
  • Chassis width: 930mm
  • Track width: 180mm
  • Transport length: 2550mm

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Amusement excavator is one newly operating experiential device, it is to simulate the operation mode of the real construction machinery machine and cultivate the children minds and hands coordination abilities. Help them thinking, amuse them while teaching them how to operate the machine and inspire the children’s thinking ability and is suitable for all the family members to participate. It is a project with great education and entertainment benefits, could have a different feeling compared with other games and could rotate by 3600,1800,900, and angles can be adjusted according to the size of the site. Marketing modes are diversified, such as experience the operation for contests, could have mutual interaction according to the awards of the things you digging, with the characteristics of beautiful outer appearance, high entertainment and high attendance rate and it has been very popular and have a good reputation since the product is manufactured from the factory.

Control mode:

Coil type and remote control type

Application age:

children and adults


Long:3.5m   High:2.1m   Wide:1.05m

Rated Voltage:


Rated frequency:


Rated total power:


Max dig Depth:


Max lift height:


Max rotating speed:


Hydraulic pump set pressure:


Continuous working time:


Max working radius:


Max working speed:


Total weight:


Cover area:

26m²when rotates by 360 degrees, 15m² when rotates by 180 degrees, 9.5m² when rotates by 90 degrees

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